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The Ampcare ESP certification course is offered for 0.8 ASHA CEU’s. The training consists of didactic education on the anatomy and physiology of the swallow response, muscle fiber types and recruitment patterns, fundamental principles of electrotherapy, and past and current research. This is followed by a lab with hands on application of the technique while using concurrent therapeutic exercises.

*Please note that if you choose the Training with Equipment option, you will pay $300 now for the training, and you will be invoiced for the equipment ($799 + tax when applicable) after submitting your registration form. 

*The ESP Starter Kit includes the ES muscle stimulator (2 AA Batteries, 2 Lead Wire sets, User Manual, new Carrying Bag, 10 packages of E Series Electrodes (Large/Adult or Small/Youth sizes available), the Restorative Posture Device (RPD), 1 set of replacement pads for the RPD, 2 Boxes of Skin Preps, and 1 roll of non-adhesive wrap. 

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